Saturday, January 5, 2008


I try to write the most inner feelings I'm feeling at that moment Its hard to write something tru just becasue you fear you don't know if anyone would understand what message you giving to that reader the moment they start to read what you are writing about I just want to spill my heart on this blog here to let people know writing your feelings, fear etc.....there shouldn't be no fear to writing what you think people should know thats the beauty to writing you could write anything you like i love writing just becasue i could express myself i way i can't express with a person which is funny i thought talking to someone in there face would be easy but for me i enjoying writing about anything im going through at any giving sec coming from your heart is something special and no one could take that away from you just remember that I have a lot of writing that i wrote in the past and that to me is crazy becasue as you write that long you start thinking about this time like if you were in a movie all over and just feeling like back i were a child again and this always change over the years is amazing Wow huh thats what writing is special to me and music is another thing so huge i cant even explain it...................

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