Friday, January 4, 2008


Times goes by and I think I have been falling for this one guy
That I have been talking too for a while
I see his eyes lighting up mines his lips are so soft
His touch I can feel it in my spine and the way he makes love
Drives me up to the walls like a racing car
That takes me to a natural high
Boi are you feeling me like I'm feeling you
I been he thinking of you
And I hope you too
I know we don’t see each other as much
But when we do we gonna have fun with each other
And show our ever lasting love that we don’t share when
We are not near one another
I know you be thinking what am I doing when I not near you
But I hope u can trust me and can be understanding
I do think the same thing cause I know we don’t live in the same state
But if u are willing to do this
Then so am I cause we can have an everlasting love
That no one can take that from one other

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