Friday, January 4, 2008

"So Blind"

Written by Fifi and T Kirton
Verse 1
Why must you be so jealous of me
It's your man that's after me
I tried to block him out of my way
He keeps calling me everyday
What can I say…
Seems like you're not doing your thing
'Cause he keeps going to stray
Baby girl why must you be so blind
Can't you see your man
Your man really after me
Girl why must you be so blind
I'm gonna open up your eyes and mind
And bring the truth to you
So you would see and realize
What kind of man you have

Verse 2
Then I tried to tell you he ain’t really that big of a shii
Cause we both know we’re only in it for the sex
So, you should know bye now
What I’m trying to say
(Chorus 2x)

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