Friday, January 4, 2008


I try to stick to this plan finding out this was a choice I made for myself in my life
I have done things in my life that doesn’t make me a better person
But I know god from above sees what I do and he is the only one that can
judge me and I try to tell other people that the only person that can do that is the
man from above I love my family with all my life and I don’t ever want to turn my back on
them Cause they are the only that can do anything for
Even though you get mad at them because they will always say things that get
us mad But that’s how life works and no one is perfect I can truly say that because
I seen it with my own eyes and I feel bad that my man has to go through this
with his dad I know his dad loves him but he says things out of anger and
he loves his son no matter what things will get better my man disrespect him
he doesn’t understand also he is losing him by that how are you ever going
to earn that respect you are yearning for and I know baby you had a ruff
life and you had to do things that a kid wouldn’t ever image in his
childhood baby I learn things the hard way also being I was hard head and I
never wanted to listen and always saying I know everything guess what I
don’t know everything cause when are young we think we do and I can prove
trust I also have a lot of anger and I have felt neglected by a lot family
members and friends that’s why I stay to myself I'm a girl that some people
look at me and judge me you know what people change I try to be strong all
my life and I thank god I didn’t turned out to be a crazy women cause I
stopped when I hit that rock and realize that life has better choice for me
I knew then and there I'm a better person and all I’m trying to say to you,
you have to make a choice and sit down and think what you want to do with
yourself that hurts me that you going through this cause deep down I know
you are a good person right now my heart races so fast cause I’m worry about
you and I can’t live my life like this anymore I’m telling you right now
think about what you do cause you going lose a father but I can’t get in it
just cause that your business with him all I can do it comprise about this
ordeal being in love is big problem is it enough for you I don’t know what
to tell you I promise I will be here for in whatever you need me too like a
shoulder, ear, kiss, hug baby I'm here I don’t want to lose my focus on this
planet called earth I found someone that is worth the wait so think about it
I’m not here to play I’m here to show you love something that you never had
and be there for you because you need it I saying all this to you because I
love you so keep you eyes wide open life is very short to holds things back
and you have to learn how to forgive and forget

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