Friday, January 4, 2008

Back for Love

Verse 1
I'm back to kiss those lips
I'm back to hold that hips
baby girl it's you i can't resist
it's been a very long time
it's was you i really miss
you always did exist
i need you back in my life
i came back to you
'cause i felt it was right
I'm back for love
i couldn't give up
I'm back for love
'cause it was meant to be
I'm back for love
'cause it was pretty clear
you're the one for me
Verse 2
I'm back to claim what's mines
damn baby girl you're so fine
so it would only be right
you know i miss the nights
when the loving was good
i always think 'bout you
girl this is true
I'm back 'cause i care boo
and because of you
(Chorus) 2
I'm back for love
'cause it was so real
I'm back for love
'cause i still feel the way i always felt
I'm back for love
'cause it's my heart, you always melt
I'm back for love
'cause you was always a blessing
(Chorus) 1 & 2
the reason I'm back
'cause it was you i lack
and it was so right
i couldn't sleep at night
'cause i was missing something
and that something was you
I'm back for love 'cause you're true

By: Paris

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