Saturday, January 5, 2008


Respect is a big WORD for us now a days. Some people don't learn how to respect those we love in our life just for the simple fact we never know when we are going to need that love one or that friend in your life. Life is to short to hold grudges which makes us black inside. That is something we need to stop doing. It ruin peoples life and others as well. Just becasue your scared about something or don't feel like talking to the whole world that doesn't mean you have to stop respecting that person all together what do you think you came into this world alone. All the mothers in this world ask there kids that all they want is that respect that they deserve which i don't think its not a hard thing but for other is hard. It's hard to respect anyone. Just because i don't know that person in the street that doesn't give you the right not to. So always think of those human beings like if you wouldn't know them and think of your mother.


Loving and Respecting

your mother is something beautiful

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