Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thoughts Running

Whats up y'all I'm here thinking of writing something deep like always sometime it means something/ sometimes you have to be a writer to understand my twisted writing ...................

As i set here and think of the beauty of life/Passing my cells running through my body/ I wonder how could a human-being be so cruel/ I walk through a dark room where there is nothing but black smoke coming towards me/ I don't know what to think/Is this my life telling me something to do/Or making this go to an end/I try to bring this life to happiness but i guess my other half doesn't want to/Bring this special thing we call life/I need you to meet me half way becasue/Life is too short/To let it all go to waste/"Why" must we has human go through this pain/Knowing deep down inside we don't want this kind of sorrow coming to our life/Ask yourself sometimes......Hmmmmm Damn living this so called life sometimes its not worth it at all/Because i came to this earth with more power to become the best person i could be....You Feel Me

Written By: Fifi

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