Saturday, January 5, 2008

How Im feeling right now

Well i wanted to say lately life has been a lil hard but i know someday it will get better sometimes you have to look at the bright side and just hope everything will get better so i try to be strong for my family and friends as much as i can I been going through some test these past year and i know i have overcome some and some i haven't but i have come to realize life is to short to sit here and wait for anything to happen we have to go out there and get it you know Now im older and wiser and want the best for anyone at times im very tired to do anything but i guess all i did and done while i was growing up catched up to me and i try to be a positive person now Even though i havent change a bit for the people that known me for years thats the way ill always be because i will never change for anyone and I love myself period.... Well im writing on my lil journal here heheh i guess see yea.....................Love

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