Sunday, January 6, 2008

Better then That

I know we fight a lot but that doesn't mean that our love isn't strong at all as a women i know what I want and i cant see myself with out you Your mines and I'm yours and you make me feel like a women should I want to return the favor as well Baby we all go through ups and downs did you know I love you so dearly and I have never felt this great love before and I'm glad I meet you Sometimes when we speak and lash out at each other and I really don't understand but I know we both still have more to learn about each other Living this world now a days it's hard and so much shit out there and this fighting has to stop we are not getting anywhere I don't want to hurt you or you hurt me What's up with all that We are better then that


LightDark13 said...


chella said...

This is how I know we will be great friends in person... we are so much a like in how we think and the stuff we go through...
I mean i know a lot of women are similar to us, but I feel like, when i am reading this stuff, and seeing your pictures, You are the Boston version of ME =)
Very deep, mama, i love your blogs.... ill keep reading too muahzzzzz nena

AMOCAKES BY: Fifi said...

Thanks for the comments guys that means a lot to me from the bottom of my heart


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