Friday, January 4, 2008

Breaking Inside

Me and you have been through a lot of things
Tell me what you want to do
This ordeal has breaking my heart
I loved so much and I don’t need to take this
I would’ve done anything for you
If you want to play with me play with this
I had enough I don’t have to take this and I know you
Don’t realize what you have done
I know I have done a lot of mistake and there are a lot of haters
But u have to know I know, I know where I want to be
Every time I see you I remember all the time we made love
And I don’t want to lose my focus
I lost my mind don’t you see
I’m trying to collect myself
And then you come running to me telling me
You love me and now you come and tell me
You might have my child
I knew you lying to me
Why do that to me that’s something I’m very serious about
But if it were true ill take care of my kid but I wouldn’t want to do
anything for you
Remember this I use to love you running back to me is not help
We are done with all these games now
And if u want it I won’t give it to you me
Cause I wont surrender to your lies
Today is a new day I know when I met you swept me off my feet
But things are not the same it was almost 5 years of things that we both did
to each other
There were times I wanted to pick my phone and call you
But I knew if I did I was failing to my own fait
The moral of this is that I can’t be with you anymore

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