Friday, January 4, 2008


I sit here thinking about my father that made me in this life would
I ever be happy just because I have a lot of questions I would love
To ask the man that gave me life
I get scared sometimes as
A child I would have love to ask him many questions in my mind I feel lonely in this world of mines
The pain I have my heart skips the beat would I ever know what I am missing in this life
Tonight I feel so out of it music to me is my Remy to everything doesn’t
Anyone see my sadness behind this smile of mines
I have so much hate towards this world why am I here?
Why was I made?
I wish I could get a sweet whisper from daddy to tell me everything is gonna be fine baby girl!
Just lay on him and hold me tight and don’t ever let me go
I long for your embrace daddy
I wish you were here for me
All my life you were gone but you have been in my head like if you were here
I wish mommy and daddy would’ve been together, but
I believe that’s how destiny work
There is nothing I could do
Your missing from my arms and I wish you could hear me out I know when we see face to face I feel funny because you have not been there for me
But daddy I know someday I will bypass this and grow up
To be an important women someday
I thought love was a fairy tale but what I feel towards
You is an everlasting love
But I know you were an unfit father and wasn’t there for me
All I can say to you is this
I forgive you daddy………….
Written: FiFi


ldarlin64 said...

This is so moving...You are a great writer. Keep up the good work sweetie.

Love ya,
Aunt Lisa

Fox said...

wow Fifi... i fuckin love you.


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