Thursday, June 26, 2008


I feel at times that no matter what I say and do it's not good enough and why? I really do care for you. You mean the world to me don't you know that already. I would do anything to make you feel happy. I know sometimes i come out as to blunt. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings at all. Just doing the same thing you do which is called being real. I wish I could take away the pain that you go through every single day of your life. I wish I had the power to take away that pain and throw it on the ground and stomp the hell with it away. Never have to deal with it and seeing you in that grief. Baby understand I would move mountains for you!!! Love--- FiFi

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Old skool/New skool

Old skool thangs and new skool thangs running down the block because its freaking hot out here loving the summer block party's, jumping double dutch, handball,hiding ghost seek, things that I love to do back in the days which I were there again so much drama in the new skool I want to go back please, looking cute with my ponytails and my pink shorts and a cute shirt and my cute shoes killing them and not knowing exactly what it meant back then I miss being a kid and not have to worry about adult shit but that's life we have to grow up someday remembering when I used to go to the store to get me some candy and yelling in the streets and playing around it was great in the old skool hoping on the trains bugging out with friends those we the days but always made sure I looked fresh to death...


Spirit that flows through my soul and mind wishing I wouldn't never have to leave your side I don't care because I know that your spirit is around me and makes me feel like a well rounded human-being what you mean to me I could never explain these soul thoughts I know you used to tell me that one day you were going to make a huge difference now your spirit lives on with me forever knowing the fact that you were my baby sister I'm so proud of you because you did everything you wanted to and no one could take that away from you I miss you but we are sisters that come out with our souls I know you were a great writing as well I can't believe we had so much in common your my spirit of the lord!!!


Your voice is so sensual. That just by your warm breathe makes me get goose bumps all over my body. I try to resit myself but I can't. It feel to good. Kiss me baby in all the place your woman wants to get kiss. When you pass your fingertips down my arm and legs I just want to climb on you. I just let time take its place and toll over me. I want to feel you till the sun comes. No matter what, we will have that burning desire in our eyes. Every time they lock. Looking into your eyes I feel this crazy passion inside burning and wanting to come out. I have to calm down. Just for the simple fact. That I'm about to climax!!


Meg Sometimes I feel so alone just because it kills me inside to know I found you and I can't be near you and that's the worst feeling ever and I know you feel the same way and I will never call you a half sister we are blood and no one could take that away from us/I know we have two side to the story/but I know what I did when I was growing up it was the same/I blocked everything out and not thought about it as much as I could/ try to keep my mind active/I'm glad I'm older now and i understand so much about life and still learning you never stop/I'm so glad we have so much in common/ that's great because Erica was a writer/ I don't know if you knew she had a lot of notebooks filled/ I have the same/ its crazy but i love writing my thoughts or just whatever topic comes up i could hear something in TV and make a poem out of it/ so Meg i can't stop missing YOU wish we were hanging out and SHOPPING!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


My mind is so compress from just thinking of you my day gets brighten each day that I never stop thinking of you because I think you mean the world to me and never forget that

That Kiss

When I think of you and feel those soft lips touch mines my heart skips a beat and I get all nervous just thinking of it you make me sweat like to teenagers in love I love feeling like kids its so amazing how much you know you pour your heart out and so do I at times we don't show it all because we don't want to get hurt thanks for being that passionate lover like me I would do anything to have that kiss

Friday, June 13, 2008


I remember this friend
He was cool and collective
And when we spoke on the phone
We started talking about music
I sang a little bit but nothing special
My idol is Alicia Keys
You got to love her
Her music touches your soul
And you know you have gone through some rough times
But anyways this friend has always been there
Anything that would happen and a great listener
We both have a great passion for music
Life as well falls into that because if life wouldn't be here
Then music either
Wow is amazing how music and life equals
great things....
This person I'm talking about is no other then Mr. Paris
Thanks for being there all these years!
I'm glad i met you!


Our body's so soft like silk are body's unwind to the passion of love. What we have is out of this world any no one could take that away from us. Passion is so strong and we could move mountain. Those kisses make me fly up in the sky. Your warmth makes me so comfortable to an extend that I love. Not just any touch would do but just you. When passion is in the air I want to be part of that because I would do anything to have that passion tonight.


Loving my life
Loving every min with you
Loving the way you move
Loving your smile
Loving your kisses
Loving the way you touch me
Loving when you whisper in my ear
Loving you in my destiny
I'm glad I'm loving you every bit


Life is just a puzzle we have to figure out so many ways to over come and become something we not and just try to be the best but for some reason it just never turns outs that way we have to fight for what is ours this life is just to short to hold on trash we have to just keep n moving because we could only breath till god till us too and he is so powerful and could be the only man that could judge us that's why I say life is a puzzle and we are on this earth to proclaim to do what we came to do and that is live to your fullest...

Feeling blue

Feeling blue and all I used think about the way we used to move at times things never happen the way we want it to go just sit here and dream of what could but I look at the bright side to realize how much I miss your touch we had a blast at times but looking back now I glad your not mines feeling blue without a trace knowing deep down inside I cry and know that shit wouldn't work for the life of god don't know why I'm feeling so blue inside I know deep down inside I wish things were different being blue inside doesn't feel nice you just feel like shit inside thinking ....and thinking why does this shit happen to me


Once you look at yourself in the mirror and realize what your doing to yourself you'll love yourself before you could love other I know its hard to look at you reflections because we don't want to face the tru but that's the only way you could fix things lil by lil the mirror is your only escape to reality mirror please tell me what to do next

Will do my best

At times we are face with optical in life people think your nasty but that's a shield I use for the simple fact I really don't know who to trust I know I should open up more but I have had my feelings broken I know I shouldn't be this way and I don't mean too either but I do come across as cold hearted and I'm not trying to be I will try my best t be better with world....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I don't feel confident being me in my own skin. I try to be the best I could be in this world. I hide behind the words and the reality of who I am. I know what you did to me was the worst thing you could ever do to a human being. You wouldn't even look in my eyes and tell me the true. Why is it so hard for you to tell me your true feelings. I guess you haven't found the inner voice. You don't have the coverage to be that person. Why did I have to go through all that pain. I did hold on for so long I feel confident now to tell you what you did was wrong. Now a days I could truly says my feelings and tell people how I feel even I hurt that person. To me that's called being frank. I know I shouldn't hurt anyone. I'm not trying to be so blunt. I guess you made me this way. I was so innocent back then. You took that for granted. Why did you. You messed my whole life. I been through some rough times and I try to overcome all my fears. I hide all the time and I hold a shield against this place we call earth.


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