Friday, January 4, 2008


It’s so hard to love someone that you truly
Adore and would do anything for that love
It hurts when no one loves you and you want to ripe
Your heart apart cause that person doesn’t love you like you do
You feel like your nothing without that person
And you feel all lonely

That person treats you like shit
And you try to bypass all that cause your love is greater then a mountain
You would do anything for them
Your life is like roses
You think that person will never leave you
Can’t you see you were all I always wanted

This must be right but why don’t you love me
Like I do I've always given you the eye before we even started
This is were you belong but you know what I can’t force you to love me like
I do
It’s all up to you to take the chance in taking that step
But I can tell you, you swept me off my feet
All I wanted to do is spend my time with a lovely man like you
Do you agree?

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