Friday, January 4, 2008


Written by Fifi 3/30/04
It’s so hard at times and I try and try
To keep on loving you
Its like I love you
But I don’t want you I cant hold this pain anymore
I say things that I really don’t mean to
I wish I could sometimes turn back the hands of times
And would of made my life so different now
I could’ve made my first love the man of my life
But I decided to be with a jerk that gave me too
Beautiful kids that I adore and I would do anything to make then happy
I know I be stressed out but god only knows what he has in stores
The love that I have for you leaves day by day
But then I stop and think of my kids cause there are the
Only ones that move me and make me a stronger woman till this day
I just want my kids to have a father role model and they can say there
father was there
But between us I don’t think is going nowhere

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