Friday, January 4, 2008


I would give anything to be with you at this moment
So I could feel your comfort if I could steal one more night
With you I would turn time back to that night we had and share
All those feelings an joy but baby if you knew how much
My heart deserve to be by your side
And feel that embrace that I have not felt from any other man
We are here taking these crazy chances to be together cause we both know we
are miles away from one another the love we have
No one can take that away
I’m here home waiting for you by the window hoping my prince would come and
swept me away from my sorrow
I get nervous just thinking about how we going make this happen
Just cause destiny work in mysterious ways
When I see you your eyes they make me feel like I’m in another level
I want you to show me love cause baby I want to know what love is again
please guide me through your eyes and make me feel I know you can show me
baby show me love
And guide me through one more day and make me happy
Cause no one can make me feel they way you do baby
Written by: FiFi
March 21, 2004

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