Friday, January 4, 2008


There will never be a day if I will ever say I need you or miss I
want to give my all to you but being far from me makes it hard and your arms
not here with me touching caressing me when we were together it was so good
loving you I would of never thought it would get this strong for you baby
don’t take me for granted baby I would do anything for loving you is easy it
comes so naturally I would give you whatever any man would love to have any
women the wonderful things you do for me it got me feeling blue and not
having you by my side if I’m right about you I thank god that he put you in
my path I know you will do anything for me and right now you in this stage
in life things are hard loving you is not easy as you can see from this
moment sometimes I think I was not meant to be in this earth I remember the
first time we meant I saw your eyes I was like damn and I was happy to see
you and I’m so proud what I have in my hands I don’t want to let it go for
nothing in this world you protect me like I’m your lucky charm that you
would carry which I’m speaking about your heart thank you for loving me
baby I’m so glad you in my life and can’t wait to share many more fun times
and up’s and down’s you heal my pain anytime something happens to me and you
do whatever it Takes for you to be there for me and no one has been there
for me we are like a song that anyone would like to have man like you I love
you I get so emotionally thinking about my man and there is none like my man
in this world and can’t replace you I’m sorry if I ever did or said anything
to hurt you !!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to get you out of my mind I’m
being here as tough as much as I can I know you are reading these words and
maybe your crying or your feeling all blue but angel I would do anything for
you cause your always be my number one I’m here trying to do all I can to
get us back as one are you ready to be my everything baby this I can
promise I will wait for you till you back to me this is for real we have to
be fast and do what we have to do you know what I mean and I have thought
that would not be in this big head of mind but I know I’m strong and I know
I’m ready for this LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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