Friday, January 4, 2008


I know you were stress without me
But guess what i'm back papi and there is nothing
That gonna sent me back with out you
And your sex is so sexually and I can’t wait any longer
For you
There is no way I’m leaving
You’re the only one I need
No matter I go I will come back
For you
I was stress out there without you
I had to come and see my man
Baby you saw that night
You went under the cover and you made
I feel like I was in another world
My eyes rolled back and I was
Like shit this is were I need to be
Need my damn man
You treat me like no other
I couldn’t stay in that place any longer
I was about to pull my hair out
This were I belong papi
I don’t know why I write so much maybe some
Day I will be hear
But those are dreams that I dream from
Day to day
I made a choice
To stay
Those were the voices in my head telling me to stay
Finally I walked away
I don’t have to see those days any more
Finally I walked away
I would’ve never seen this place
Should I go?
Should I stay?
I’m in control either way
Right baby
I’m trying to see where I fit
I cried
To see what my loneliness
Is going to take me I made my mind
This is were I want to be

Written: Fifi

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