Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mi Nena

When I look into your sweet lil eyes
That couldn't harm anything that crossed her path
She is so innocent and cleared minded
She is so friendly and lovable
Wow I can't believe she is gone to GA
It feels like she has been gone forever
I remember the day she was born on March 25
She was so pretty and tiny
Just looking at her I was so proud to an anutie
Her lil eyes were shut
Her hands so soft
I know Mi Nena was going to loved by others
She cryed a lot when she was a baby
But it was cute hearing her sweet lil crys
Looking at mi nena sometimes remind me of me jejeje
There is much more I could say about Mi Nena but nothing could explain how much i miss my NeNa

Love you
Mi NeNa

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