Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Digga- Broken

great song and beat don't ya'll think...


Today is one of those days where is raining outside like hell and there is nothing i could do about it because its called "Mother Nature". Wish I were home sleeping and seeing some TV. Which I love to do. It has been raining for weeks now and when is this freaking rain ever going to stop. I think its because a hurricane is near. I just hope it doesn't hit us.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Janelle Monae-Violet Stars Happy Hunting

Janell Monae-Sincerely Jane

Love her sound and voice...

The Sharks at sea world...

crazy huh...


Jahrell sitting int he jacuzzi look at the water the way it looks

Funny Face

i don't know what I made this face but I had to do it.

Messin Around At home

This is what we do all day...Not j/k
we look good though...


This is were I want to be right now, even though I'm a massage therapist I can't massage myself So soon its a day at spa for me....Photobucket

Fifi in the sand

Here is the one and only..Photobucket
that's right I had to make my name duh... Cute huh??

I Heart You

I love you all that love me but first most is very important to love your self first before you love others... that is the question?

I made this... at the beach...

Mi Feet

I was bored at the beach this day and took a pix of my feet..Photobucket
I think they are cute freak ya'll if you dont think so..hahahaha


I was messin around photobucket with one of my many pics and i made things tell me what you think...


Family man...... That is very important.. To me anyways how about you...

Great Mines Think alike

Here is me and megan doing out thang again....

Movie Star

I felt Like a Movie Star even though it was my uncle's bday party...oopppssss Love ya tio..
We look great anyways!!

Me and megan...

Love yay lil sister Miss you too..

Jahrell was so happy that

He got to go to Sea World for his 6th bday!! Awesome right.. check him out..

The Killer Whale Shot

Marco took a great picture here i think the way it looks..

I made this a couple

Of months ago for my lil sister that is in heaven now with her angels looking down on me

Erica L. Lamboy

Marco shoots one in the air

Check this out....

He was happy Jyke

He loved those fireworks

Aww Cute couple


My Two Sister-in-Laws


My 4th of July video

Blowing them up in the street

H20 Phlo- A little Closer

Mario-Music of Love

Drake- Brand New

El Big Boss- Pose

Timberland Hot beat

Estelle feat Kanye West-American Boi

Inner feelingz

Baby don't play with my emotions because loving you means the world to me and I would love for you to know how much I love You I hope you understand me I'm very shy to show my inner feelings but I'm here to let you know how I feel about you. You will always ask me why I love you and here I'm pouring my heart to you: baby what you do to me no one has done before and that's being a true man of your word. That's a reason why i love you and been through thick and thin. I know at times we fight and but that happens in every relationship we are not perfect. I have been in places that i have never been at and you showed me that as well. That's another reason why i love you. I feel like your my soul mate and you just don't see it. Your my so call perfect mate. In so many ways we have so much in common and that's very rare to find.


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