Friday, January 4, 2008


It use to be real bad when I use to share all my love to you
I wanted to but it behind me now
But it hunts me till this day to know that the person i love is gone
and It's hurting me all day
I pray to the god from above to guide me through this
I know I have wrote so manys words of hate or deep this
Sometimes I think im gald you hurt me cause you made me a stronger person
I would never change what happen with me and you I sit here in my room
And go under the cover and think if I drove you away but I guess I was to
young to realize what I have done and I always thought you would change
But deep down inside you knew you didn’t care and I was always drawed to
your game
None of my family will ever know what I have gone through deep down inside
People have said that I would never change but I think I have a lot I know how to
control my angers and being jealous there is no time for things like that
I knew the day you saw me with my new man you were hurting inside but you
tried to hide it with your smile I could tell with those eyes I try to love
you but I think I showed to much love in what I was not supposed to when you
are young you don’t think about it at the time but I guess god showed me
the way it took long but I made it through and never thought I was gonna
find me a true love that would love me and support something you never did
cause you were so into yourself and never me

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