Monday, January 28, 2008

This is so Funny Old School!!

ITs muh Bday!!! IM 27

Right now im sitting here and thinking of life and thanking the lord above for blessing me for my life and i want to thank everyone in my family that has been there for me and this is a new day so thank you all for the support and love

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Feeling like a train wreck
Hearing the news of your life
That you wouldn't ever want to hear
You cant believe it and try to be strong
You feel like your body just froze
Not knowing if these news is true or not
Damn life is so unfair at times
I could ask the other person on the line
That they were lying
But knowing in my heart it's true

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ercia Lace Lamboy 03/28/87- 01/07/08

Wow what a day I woke up on January 7 and received the worst news ever I heard that my youngest sister in the Bronx passed away and right now I cant even write about becasue I'm so heart broken I just don't know where to begin I feel like my heart is completed broken and the messed up is that she was only 20 years old. She is the one on the right side and thats her baby sister. I know she has gone somewhere else but the pain will take a while to heal.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Even though I don't show my feelings to you Its doesn't mean you don't amaze me all the time and I promise I will try to express myself more to you again I don't want to hurt you ever again and I want to show you how much joy I get from just being around you and I feel like I have someone there and helping through the thick and thin I want to be your baby forever and I won't let that go Sharing our feelings is so great and I'm so greatful for you to have notice these great quality in me Even though I've gone through some experiences in my life I want thank the lord up above for bringing you to the path

Mrt J. Blige-Roses

See today
I'm havin' one of
Them days were
I just don't
Wanna be bothered
But it seems like
You can't understand that
Because it's your way
Or no way
But check this out
It's my way today
And I'm really, really
Sick and tired
Of you steppin' into
My little box
When I just don't wanna be bothered, OK?
So check this out

[Verse 1:]
I've had my way
And I've had my share
Of ups and down
I've been in trouble
And I couldn't tell
My ups from downs
I've been your baby
And I don't know why
It don't seem like
That no more
Welcome to
This new definition
Of love

It ain't all roses
Flowers and posin'
Said it ain't all candy
This love stuff
Is demanding

Said it ain't all roses
Flowers and posin'
Said it ain't all candy
This love stuff
Is demanding
Sometimes I need a hug

See, you, you just
You just wanna
Really, really, really push
All my buttons
'Cause you Mr. Right
And I'm Misses Wrong
But right now today
I feel like
I'm-I'm the one
Gon' sing this song

I'm a be Misses Right today
It's my way or the highway
But with you
It's just no... gettin' around that
I gotta be bumpin' heads
With you
What's up with that?
Listen, see

[Verse 2:]
I love my man
And I know my place
I know my worth
And I just can't stand
To see myself
As I hurt
It's been a long time
And I think that
I can get a little
More love
From you
I know some of ya'll
Go through it to 'cause


[Interlude 2:]
Sometimes I just wish
You just put
Your arms around me
When I'm feelin' so
Sp, so very needy
But instead you just turn your back
And say, "Suck it up! "
Oh, you don't know how I'm feelin' right now
If you knew how I feel
On the inside
You wouldn't say suck it up
Now what the fuck?


It ain't all roses, you know?
Everybody ask me how
Good it is
It's great
Love is great
But when you just
A mess yourself
It ain't gon' be all roses
'Cause you just want your time
You wanna be selfish
You know
You don't want nobody
Messin' with you
You just wanna rip
Somebody head off
When they step to you with
"Oh you need some help. Oh, you need to figure it out"
You figure it out!
You figure it out!
You go figure it out!
You suck it up!

Four Walls

I see myself in these four walls and a women trying to escape from her misery but damn why do I feel so trapped I should be able to get out whenever I please I want to know how paradise feel why haven't I felt that beautiful feeling and to feel that wind blowing through my cute curly hair wow if I don't find a way to escape from this misery I don't know what I would do I can't hold it in I have to find some way man I should escape and do one of prison break move huh? I know when I reach the other side I know I will become a better women I could taste you.....

Crack heads

Right now is 2:00 am and for some reason I can't sleep I'm here listening to my Zune because these cracks head that live upstairs don't stop fucking fighting high off that shit that is not worth a dime while I'm laying down and I could hear my ceiling dying to break shit my man is sleep next to me and his son is asleep don't these people understand we trying to live just can't wait to live and live a peaceful life

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Dance

This is Jahrell first time dancing with a girl and her name is Brianna


Better then That

I know we fight a lot but that doesn't mean that our love isn't strong at all as a women i know what I want and i cant see myself with out you Your mines and I'm yours and you make me feel like a women should I want to return the favor as well Baby we all go through ups and downs did you know I love you so dearly and I have never felt this great love before and I'm glad I meet you Sometimes when we speak and lash out at each other and I really don't understand but I know we both still have more to learn about each other Living this world now a days it's hard and so much shit out there and this fighting has to stop we are not getting anywhere I don't want to hurt you or you hurt me What's up with all that We are better then that

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I love you










By: FiFi


Pain in the ass





i just sit here and think of all the bullshit we as human have to go through and shit but i guess thats why we were made to go through this i bet if i were a freaky bird i could just fly away any where i please and and not have to worry as much about the shit that goes on this stinky world of ours im here just writing anything that comes out of my mind and shit

i guess not today will i see the light i always desire to come thought my window pain....

just think sometimes if u were an animal what kind would you be?

I know i would be a bird, or a butterfly with pretty colors

Fifi thinking..........................

Sometimes I have to write

Well I'm back and I'm feeling better and I'm glad I'm back becasue i hate being sick!! Soon I'm go to Florida next month I'm going to pick up my step son i cant wait me and my man cant wait to have our family together for once now and I'm excited. So I've been tired work has gotten freaking crazy and Marco and i have been dead. Working hard for that money people. Then my sister Ellie got sick and was in the hospital and she was doing bad couldn't breath and shit. I'm happy she is doing better. She is able to speak a lil more. For my girls you know who you are i had fun the other night till some asshole fought in the dance floor always some dumb ass as to mess it up for the ones dancing, it was freaking pack i felt like a darn sardine man! Do you agree ladies. Well its was a chill nite i guess. I saw a lot of old faces from High School that was cool......Hi Guys again just in case you read this shhhhh...............Well I'm done becasue ill end up writing a freaking book!!!

Thoughts Running

Whats up y'all I'm here thinking of writing something deep like always sometime it means something/ sometimes you have to be a writer to understand my twisted writing ...................

As i set here and think of the beauty of life/Passing my cells running through my body/ I wonder how could a human-being be so cruel/ I walk through a dark room where there is nothing but black smoke coming towards me/ I don't know what to think/Is this my life telling me something to do/Or making this go to an end/I try to bring this life to happiness but i guess my other half doesn't want to/Bring this special thing we call life/I need you to meet me half way becasue/Life is too short/To let it all go to waste/"Why" must we has human go through this pain/Knowing deep down inside we don't want this kind of sorrow coming to our life/Ask yourself sometimes......Hmmmmm Damn living this so called life sometimes its not worth it at all/Because i came to this earth with more power to become the best person i could be....You Feel Me

Written By: Fifi

How Im feeling right now

Well i wanted to say lately life has been a lil hard but i know someday it will get better sometimes you have to look at the bright side and just hope everything will get better so i try to be strong for my family and friends as much as i can I been going through some test these past year and i know i have overcome some and some i haven't but i have come to realize life is to short to sit here and wait for anything to happen we have to go out there and get it you know Now im older and wiser and want the best for anyone at times im very tired to do anything but i guess all i did and done while i was growing up catched up to me and i try to be a positive person now Even though i havent change a bit for the people that known me for years thats the way ill always be because i will never change for anyone and I love myself period.... Well im writing on my lil journal here heheh i guess see yea.....................Love

Sometimes we dont understand our own power

Its hard to try not to take anger on our loves one, but its hard many times. But i try to understand that person becasue we dont know what they are thinking at the time. They blank out and thats the only way they could expressed themselves because thats the only thing they ever saw. Wish is sad to be like that. I know because i used to be like that person that always got the heat for everything, But i have learned to put it all in the past and move on and get over it, One day our love ones are going to leave this world we call home and they wont be coming back. So we have to try now that we are young and not loose any time. Try to be the best we could be, and get over it. So what im trying to say we have to becareful of out action and try to think twice before doing something stupid!!!

April 07, 2007

Marco Popped the Question could you believe it!!! Its been a week and two days. I wanted to post it but I've been so tired I never have freaking time but yes.. He got me good man!!!

Miss Jahrell

Sometimes you get so attched to someone. It's hurts like hell to let go. Even though that person has no realaion to you. You grow to love that person with all your heart. I know your gone for the summer, I hope you come back because me and daddy miss you so much. I'm sorry you have to go through this, just because you don't know what's really going on? One day you will grow up to become a man and will know whats really going. Well baby i know your a big boy see you soon ok. I so happy you starting school. Love you!!!! Jahrell


Respect is a big WORD for us now a days. Some people don't learn how to respect those we love in our life just for the simple fact we never know when we are going to need that love one or that friend in your life. Life is to short to hold grudges which makes us black inside. That is something we need to stop doing. It ruin peoples life and others as well. Just becasue your scared about something or don't feel like talking to the whole world that doesn't mean you have to stop respecting that person all together what do you think you came into this world alone. All the mothers in this world ask there kids that all they want is that respect that they deserve which i don't think its not a hard thing but for other is hard. It's hard to respect anyone. Just because i don't know that person in the street that doesn't give you the right not to. So always think of those human beings like if you wouldn't know them and think of your mother.


Loving and Respecting

your mother is something beautiful








I try to write the most inner feelings I'm feeling at that moment Its hard to write something tru just becasue you fear you don't know if anyone would understand what message you giving to that reader the moment they start to read what you are writing about I just want to spill my heart on this blog here to let people know writing your feelings, fear etc.....there shouldn't be no fear to writing what you think people should know thats the beauty to writing you could write anything you like i love writing just becasue i could express myself i way i can't express with a person which is funny i thought talking to someone in there face would be easy but for me i enjoying writing about anything im going through at any giving sec coming from your heart is something special and no one could take that away from you just remember that I have a lot of writing that i wrote in the past and that to me is crazy becasue as you write that long you start thinking about this time like if you were in a movie all over and just feeling like back i were a child again and this always change over the years is amazing Wow huh thats what writing is special to me and music is another thing so huge i cant even explain it...................

Slow Down

At times I feel like I don't take myself at a slow pace. Ill be moving soon back to FL and I just hope everything goes well. Hoping and praying I get to open my business of massage out there. Times been ruff as hell just trying to be a good person,good step mom, good wifey. You know already. I have a lot of thoughts running through my head at this point I don't know what else to stick in my head. My stress level is fucking high I know that. My energy is being suck out of me. I just need to take it easyz. For some reason I don't know how to slow down I'm always running around.... Oh shit I just realize I'm spilling my beans on this blog...I just venting conyo man you see how I'm all over the place....*sigh*


Sometimes you don't realize what you have done to that person you really love
You can't do this anymore
I feel like I can't do this anymore as well
You have cause damage to this relationship
I ask myself need to come to your senses man
I can't live like this..
You broke my heart and throw it all away
I can't lose that man
But at the same time knowing your a jerk
Letting myself hurt for no reason
You know you wish you could have your cake and eat it too
This is 2007 man get real with your self
Life is to short...
I can't do this anymore!!!

Mi Nena

When I look into your sweet lil eyes
That couldn't harm anything that crossed her path
She is so innocent and cleared minded
She is so friendly and lovable
Wow I can't believe she is gone to GA
It feels like she has been gone forever
I remember the day she was born on March 25
She was so pretty and tiny
Just looking at her I was so proud to an anutie
Her lil eyes were shut
Her hands so soft
I know Mi Nena was going to loved by others
She cryed a lot when she was a baby
But it was cute hearing her sweet lil crys
Looking at mi nena sometimes remind me of me jejeje
There is much more I could say about Mi Nena but nothing could explain how much i miss my NeNa

Love you
Mi NeNa

Suga Rush

Suga rush it tastes so good
Suga rush I'm jumping up and down
Suga rush damn its so yummy
Suga rush its bad for your teeth
Suga rush makes me high
Suga rush oh babi I wish you were mines



Sometimes we have to be strong for others but in reality we have to strong for ourself as a humanbeing I try to become someone brave and strong but when someone trys to come between your pride Its something I have to think before something happens I try to be clam but I guess that's the way I'm all the time I just know I won't change

My Fone

My fone your so great I don't know what I would without you I know you have been off for a while I promise you I'm going to use you like it was my last day when I use you fone you fit right on my hands so perfect


I love to express myself and let the world know I could combat with words to a level that no one could express themselves like I do its always great to let those inner thoughts come out your mouth because being real is something that is special to me I know I could be to blunt with my words I battle this world with anything that comes towards me and around me I know I'm not the one to have drama in my life and I don't get off on that but I will make sure my name does not comes out of your mouth....


My Friend

I know its hard my friend to be lonely and not have that special someone by your side I know you must be thinking damn I'm not getting any younger so I pray at nite that god puts that special someone in my path I know I would give that person the world only if I could find you where are you??? With patience and love I know I will find you someday.... At times I know I have made the wrong chooses but I know that pretty women will be walking down the streets..

Young Women

I'm a young women wanting more in life I won't settle for less I have so many dreams and wanting more and more I sit and think of this pretty fantasy I have been dreaming of I have been waiting to speak to someone of high of importance which I wish I could I bring the power of my mind which is so rapid that I can't even believe I have so many messages for those in need helping is the main key to our hearts


Emotions that run down my veins will come and take it all away emotions are something I can't help Emotions are part of life Emotions make me have highs and lows we have to have those emotions or else we don't feel the way we are supposed to think about emotions are a great deal to our daily life


Something about having control is something some people around the world don't have control of there actions I wish people would see themsleves as they act maybe they would realize how stupid they look control could mean a lot of things which I'm trying to explain to you but control means having yourself under control if you can't control yourself then that means you need help to have that control under control wow control is coming out a lot out of my mouth does that mean I need control as well maybe maybe not that's something I might see someday or not


As I sit here and think of you I wonder if your thinking of me as well we might come arcoss as not noticing eachother maybe we will in another life time at this point in life we you just have to learn how to let go of that bird if it was meant to be then that bird will come back to you maybe I will find out someday......

Friday, January 4, 2008


I sit here thinking about my father that made me in this life would
I ever be happy just because I have a lot of questions I would love
To ask the man that gave me life
I get scared sometimes as
A child I would have love to ask him many questions in my mind I feel lonely in this world of mines
The pain I have my heart skips the beat would I ever know what I am missing in this life
Tonight I feel so out of it music to me is my Remy to everything doesn’t
Anyone see my sadness behind this smile of mines
I have so much hate towards this world why am I here?
Why was I made?
I wish I could get a sweet whisper from daddy to tell me everything is gonna be fine baby girl!
Just lay on him and hold me tight and don’t ever let me go
I long for your embrace daddy
I wish you were here for me
All my life you were gone but you have been in my head like if you were here
I wish mommy and daddy would’ve been together, but
I believe that’s how destiny work
There is nothing I could do
Your missing from my arms and I wish you could hear me out I know when we see face to face I feel funny because you have not been there for me
But daddy I know someday I will bypass this and grow up
To be an important women someday
I thought love was a fairy tale but what I feel towards
You is an everlasting love
But I know you were an unfit father and wasn’t there for me
All I can say to you is this
I forgive you daddy………….
Written: FiFi


Written by Fifi 3/30/04
It’s so hard at times and I try and try
To keep on loving you
Its like I love you
But I don’t want you I cant hold this pain anymore
I say things that I really don’t mean to
I wish I could sometimes turn back the hands of times
And would of made my life so different now
I could’ve made my first love the man of my life
But I decided to be with a jerk that gave me too
Beautiful kids that I adore and I would do anything to make then happy
I know I be stressed out but god only knows what he has in stores
The love that I have for you leaves day by day
But then I stop and think of my kids cause there are the
Only ones that move me and make me a stronger woman till this day
I just want my kids to have a father role model and they can say there
father was there
But between us I don’t think is going nowhere


I would give anything to be with you at this moment
So I could feel your comfort if I could steal one more night
With you I would turn time back to that night we had and share
All those feelings an joy but baby if you knew how much
My heart deserve to be by your side
And feel that embrace that I have not felt from any other man
We are here taking these crazy chances to be together cause we both know we
are miles away from one another the love we have
No one can take that away
I’m here home waiting for you by the window hoping my prince would come and
swept me away from my sorrow
I get nervous just thinking about how we going make this happen
Just cause destiny work in mysterious ways
When I see you your eyes they make me feel like I’m in another level
I want you to show me love cause baby I want to know what love is again
please guide me through your eyes and make me feel I know you can show me
baby show me love
And guide me through one more day and make me happy
Cause no one can make me feel they way you do baby
Written by: FiFi
March 21, 2004


Written by T Kirton and Fifi
Verse 1
I’ve cried for you too long
‘Cause you’re always treated me so wrong
But It shall not go on
‘Cause I’m gonna stand up for what's rights
You know it wasn’t right Adlib(so did I)
This ain’t no time to play around
You should’ve tried to hear me out
Gotta move on, Gotta be strong
Gotta find me someone
Who ain’t gonna treat me wrong
Don’t need your charm
All you did was brought me harm
Gotta move on, gotta be strong
Verse 2
All I brought to your life was happiness
What did you give me in return? Ad lib (Madness)
The way you treated me was unfair
I know that I’ll find someone who will care
Someone I can talk too and it would be true
It's gonna took me a while but he ain't gonna make me cry
Or tell me a bunch of lies
that was you all the way
So I gotta move on I can't stay
(Chorus 2x)


Written by Fifi
When you love someone
With all your heart
Never knew if he creped behind
‘Cause my love for him is so deep
He made me blind all the time
Now is that I realize
What a waste of time
He was for my life
My pain, my fears
My love, my tears
They will never disappear
After you were done with me
And left me here
Verse 2
Now I sit back and think bout
The love he left behind
He didn’t take the time
To compromise
He thought I wasn’t worth a dime
Chorus 2x
Now look at you
Trying so hard
Stop crying and realize
The replacement has been done
I have found me someone else


When we speak my heart
Aches I try to tell myself
Everyday this pain will go away
I look at myself in the mirror
Thinking what we have will
Ever be the same

But I was wrong thinking the man that I love was there for
Me and coming to find out. He was never there
All I got was bad vibes from him
I would cry and cry
About this asshole that didn’t give three fucks about me
I ask my god above to help me with this man
That I have been with and I have shown him
Everything I got but I guess he will never see
It through his eyes what I have for him
Cause he is selfish and he will never do no wrong

But I have seen it all through my eyes
And I always forgive him
Should I take this or leave this
God please forgive me for what I have done
I try to deal with this pain and I can’t take it any more
Jesus if your the only person that can help me
Then please show me the light as the answer that I’ve been looking for
Cause Im tired of looking for the answer
If he is the man for me please show me the path

He has caused me a great deal of pain
And Im here praying to you day to day
Life is to short to be dealing with this I want a man that is worth my day
I’m going to say that I have been speaking to god and he is talking to me
If you understand what Im saying I have been dead for 5 years now
Cause he killed me cause he thought I was getting in his business
So women please don’t be naive when we have something bad near us even if it
hurts us we have to learn to let go

"So Blind"

Written by Fifi and T Kirton
Verse 1
Why must you be so jealous of me
It's your man that's after me
I tried to block him out of my way
He keeps calling me everyday
What can I say…
Seems like you're not doing your thing
'Cause he keeps going to stray
Baby girl why must you be so blind
Can't you see your man
Your man really after me
Girl why must you be so blind
I'm gonna open up your eyes and mind
And bring the truth to you
So you would see and realize
What kind of man you have

Verse 2
Then I tried to tell you he ain’t really that big of a shii
Cause we both know we’re only in it for the sex
So, you should know bye now
What I’m trying to say
(Chorus 2x)


Times goes by and I think I have been falling for this one guy
That I have been talking too for a while
I see his eyes lighting up mines his lips are so soft
His touch I can feel it in my spine and the way he makes love
Drives me up to the walls like a racing car
That takes me to a natural high
Boi are you feeling me like I'm feeling you
I been he thinking of you
And I hope you too
I know we don’t see each other as much
But when we do we gonna have fun with each other
And show our ever lasting love that we don’t share when
We are not near one another
I know you be thinking what am I doing when I not near you
But I hope u can trust me and can be understanding
I do think the same thing cause I know we don’t live in the same state
But if u are willing to do this
Then so am I cause we can have an everlasting love
That no one can take that from one other


Written by Fifi and T kirton
Verse 1
I remember when we first met
Loving you i wouldn't regret
That's what you told me
In all reality you were selling me dreams
I thought you were here for me
But I got caught in his game
From the things i started to see
Not knowing he was just playing me
Why must you....Adlib (waste my time)
Didn't you see what you did to me
You was killing me inside
Now all i do is cry
'Cause it was a waste of time
Verse 2
Playing with my heart he was
I Remember that night
I was waiting for his call
2, 3, 4 in the morning
He had promise to give me his all
On that night i fell....Ad lib (Fell)
Into his trap now when i look back
It was a waste of time
(chorus 2x)


It’s so hard to love someone that you truly
Adore and would do anything for that love
It hurts when no one loves you and you want to ripe
Your heart apart cause that person doesn’t love you like you do
You feel like your nothing without that person
And you feel all lonely

That person treats you like shit
And you try to bypass all that cause your love is greater then a mountain
You would do anything for them
Your life is like roses
You think that person will never leave you
Can’t you see you were all I always wanted

This must be right but why don’t you love me
Like I do I've always given you the eye before we even started
This is were you belong but you know what I can’t force you to love me like
I do
It’s all up to you to take the chance in taking that step
But I can tell you, you swept me off my feet
All I wanted to do is spend my time with a lovely man like you
Do you agree?


I want you so bad is crazy it burns
The burning desire I get from you
when we make love it out of this world
Can’t you see you’re the only man that makes me feel like this?
The room is all humid with your sweat and mines
The love is wondering all around damn papi you got so good
Your love I could feel it so deep and can’t you feel it too
I just want it every min and every hour and promise me you love me
I never knew a lover like you
You never lost your touch till this day
Nobody knows but its true I will and never give you up for no one
I’m nothing without you your not here just for love It’s the love and
passion we share


I try to stick to this plan finding out this was a choice I made for myself in my life
I have done things in my life that doesn’t make me a better person
But I know god from above sees what I do and he is the only one that can
judge me and I try to tell other people that the only person that can do that is the
man from above I love my family with all my life and I don’t ever want to turn my back on
them Cause they are the only that can do anything for
Even though you get mad at them because they will always say things that get
us mad But that’s how life works and no one is perfect I can truly say that because
I seen it with my own eyes and I feel bad that my man has to go through this
with his dad I know his dad loves him but he says things out of anger and
he loves his son no matter what things will get better my man disrespect him
he doesn’t understand also he is losing him by that how are you ever going
to earn that respect you are yearning for and I know baby you had a ruff
life and you had to do things that a kid wouldn’t ever image in his
childhood baby I learn things the hard way also being I was hard head and I
never wanted to listen and always saying I know everything guess what I
don’t know everything cause when are young we think we do and I can prove
trust I also have a lot of anger and I have felt neglected by a lot family
members and friends that’s why I stay to myself I'm a girl that some people
look at me and judge me you know what people change I try to be strong all
my life and I thank god I didn’t turned out to be a crazy women cause I
stopped when I hit that rock and realize that life has better choice for me
I knew then and there I'm a better person and all I’m trying to say to you,
you have to make a choice and sit down and think what you want to do with
yourself that hurts me that you going through this cause deep down I know
you are a good person right now my heart races so fast cause I’m worry about
you and I can’t live my life like this anymore I’m telling you right now
think about what you do cause you going lose a father but I can’t get in it
just cause that your business with him all I can do it comprise about this
ordeal being in love is big problem is it enough for you I don’t know what
to tell you I promise I will be here for in whatever you need me too like a
shoulder, ear, kiss, hug baby I'm here I don’t want to lose my focus on this
planet called earth I found someone that is worth the wait so think about it
I’m not here to play I’m here to show you love something that you never had
and be there for you because you need it I saying all this to you because I
love you so keep you eyes wide open life is very short to holds things back
and you have to learn how to forgive and forget

Breaking Inside

Me and you have been through a lot of things
Tell me what you want to do
This ordeal has breaking my heart
I loved so much and I don’t need to take this
I would’ve done anything for you
If you want to play with me play with this
I had enough I don’t have to take this and I know you
Don’t realize what you have done
I know I have done a lot of mistake and there are a lot of haters
But u have to know I know, I know where I want to be
Every time I see you I remember all the time we made love
And I don’t want to lose my focus
I lost my mind don’t you see
I’m trying to collect myself
And then you come running to me telling me
You love me and now you come and tell me
You might have my child
I knew you lying to me
Why do that to me that’s something I’m very serious about
But if it were true ill take care of my kid but I wouldn’t want to do
anything for you
Remember this I use to love you running back to me is not help
We are done with all these games now
And if u want it I won’t give it to you me
Cause I wont surrender to your lies
Today is a new day I know when I met you swept me off my feet
But things are not the same it was almost 5 years of things that we both did
to each other
There were times I wanted to pick my phone and call you
But I knew if I did I was failing to my own fait
The moral of this is that I can’t be with you anymore


There will never be a day if I will ever say I need you or miss I
want to give my all to you but being far from me makes it hard and your arms
not here with me touching caressing me when we were together it was so good
loving you I would of never thought it would get this strong for you baby
don’t take me for granted baby I would do anything for loving you is easy it
comes so naturally I would give you whatever any man would love to have any
women the wonderful things you do for me it got me feeling blue and not
having you by my side if I’m right about you I thank god that he put you in
my path I know you will do anything for me and right now you in this stage
in life things are hard loving you is not easy as you can see from this
moment sometimes I think I was not meant to be in this earth I remember the
first time we meant I saw your eyes I was like damn and I was happy to see
you and I’m so proud what I have in my hands I don’t want to let it go for
nothing in this world you protect me like I’m your lucky charm that you
would carry which I’m speaking about your heart thank you for loving me
baby I’m so glad you in my life and can’t wait to share many more fun times
and up’s and down’s you heal my pain anytime something happens to me and you
do whatever it Takes for you to be there for me and no one has been there
for me we are like a song that anyone would like to have man like you I love
you I get so emotionally thinking about my man and there is none like my man
in this world and can’t replace you I’m sorry if I ever did or said anything
to hurt you !!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to get you out of my mind I’m
being here as tough as much as I can I know you are reading these words and
maybe your crying or your feeling all blue but angel I would do anything for
you cause your always be my number one I’m here trying to do all I can to
get us back as one are you ready to be my everything baby this I can
promise I will wait for you till you back to me this is for real we have to
be fast and do what we have to do you know what I mean and I have thought
that would not be in this big head of mind but I know I’m strong and I know
I’m ready for this LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know you were stress without me
But guess what i'm back papi and there is nothing
That gonna sent me back with out you
And your sex is so sexually and I can’t wait any longer
For you
There is no way I’m leaving
You’re the only one I need
No matter I go I will come back
For you
I was stress out there without you
I had to come and see my man
Baby you saw that night
You went under the cover and you made
I feel like I was in another world
My eyes rolled back and I was
Like shit this is were I need to be
Need my damn man
You treat me like no other
I couldn’t stay in that place any longer
I was about to pull my hair out
This were I belong papi
I don’t know why I write so much maybe some
Day I will be hear
But those are dreams that I dream from
Day to day
I made a choice
To stay
Those were the voices in my head telling me to stay
Finally I walked away
I don’t have to see those days any more
Finally I walked away
I would’ve never seen this place
Should I go?
Should I stay?
I’m in control either way
Right baby
I’m trying to see where I fit
I cried
To see what my loneliness
Is going to take me I made my mind
This is were I want to be

Written: Fifi


It use to be real bad when I use to share all my love to you
I wanted to but it behind me now
But it hunts me till this day to know that the person i love is gone
and It's hurting me all day
I pray to the god from above to guide me through this
I know I have wrote so manys words of hate or deep this
Sometimes I think im gald you hurt me cause you made me a stronger person
I would never change what happen with me and you I sit here in my room
And go under the cover and think if I drove you away but I guess I was to
young to realize what I have done and I always thought you would change
But deep down inside you knew you didn’t care and I was always drawed to
your game
None of my family will ever know what I have gone through deep down inside
People have said that I would never change but I think I have a lot I know how to
control my angers and being jealous there is no time for things like that
I knew the day you saw me with my new man you were hurting inside but you
tried to hide it with your smile I could tell with those eyes I try to love
you but I think I showed to much love in what I was not supposed to when you
are young you don’t think about it at the time but I guess god showed me
the way it took long but I made it through and never thought I was gonna
find me a true love that would love me and support something you never did
cause you were so into yourself and never me

Back for Love

Verse 1
I'm back to kiss those lips
I'm back to hold that hips
baby girl it's you i can't resist
it's been a very long time
it's was you i really miss
you always did exist
i need you back in my life
i came back to you
'cause i felt it was right
I'm back for love
i couldn't give up
I'm back for love
'cause it was meant to be
I'm back for love
'cause it was pretty clear
you're the one for me
Verse 2
I'm back to claim what's mines
damn baby girl you're so fine
so it would only be right
you know i miss the nights
when the loving was good
i always think 'bout you
girl this is true
I'm back 'cause i care boo
and because of you
(Chorus) 2
I'm back for love
'cause it was so real
I'm back for love
'cause i still feel the way i always felt
I'm back for love
'cause it's my heart, you always melt
I'm back for love
'cause you was always a blessing
(Chorus) 1 & 2
the reason I'm back
'cause it was you i lack
and it was so right
i couldn't sleep at night
'cause i was missing something
and that something was you
I'm back for love 'cause you're true

By: Paris

My Love

My love i hope this feeling I'm having is not an illusion just because i been letting for it i have been waiting all this long to be by your arms the lust we had before still lingers in my head my state of mind has me off the walls i cant believe i fall in love with a country boy i didn't know i could find me something so nice and pleasing down the dirty south


As i gaze to the sky i wish i were flying a rocket in this shiny black sky where no one has gone before the gravity feels intense and my heart melts away enjoying the shiny black sky


I know you love be in control but nigga you can't control my soul im a butterfly that loves to fly and enjoy the breeze that comes through the sky i know i cant always get what i want but i know sometimes in life we have to try to reach that star because it might be to late controlling me wont stop me from conquering my wildest dreams and making them reality


Now a days we have to battle the battles of battles from out inner thoughts that make the blood run through our veins i know we are not created equal we all have different ways of thinking i wish i could battle someone that was at my level but battling would hurt someones feeling because i speak and think with crazy force that come within i know its hard to understand me but i don't care because i believe that i could battle anyone in this earth


We are blessed from head to toe we come from divine mothers that fight and pray are kids grow up to become man and women and to enjoy the beauty of life to breathe the same air she breathe That's beauty and life is divine.


I remember this friend
He was cool and collective
And when we spoke on the phone
We started talking about music
I sang a little bit but nothing special
My idol is Alicia Keys
You got to love her
Her music touches your soul
And you know you have gone through some rough times
But anyways this friend has always been there
Anything that would happen and a great listener
We both have a great passion for music
Life as well falls into that because if life wouldnt be here
Then music either
Wow is amazing how music and life equals
great things....
This person Im talking about is no other then Mr. Paris
Thanks for being there all these years!
Im glad i met you


Our body's so soft like silk are body's unwind to the passion of love. What we have is out of this world any no one could take that away from us. Passion is so strong and we could move mountain. Those kisses make me fly up in the sky. Your warmth makes me so comfortable to an extend that I love. Not just any touch would do but just you. When passion is in the air I want to be part of that because I would do anything to have that passion tonight.


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