Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sometimes I have to write

Well I'm back and I'm feeling better and I'm glad I'm back becasue i hate being sick!! Soon I'm go to Florida next month I'm going to pick up my step son i cant wait me and my man cant wait to have our family together for once now and I'm excited. So I've been tired work has gotten freaking crazy and Marco and i have been dead. Working hard for that money people. Then my sister Ellie got sick and was in the hospital and she was doing bad couldn't breath and shit. I'm happy she is doing better. She is able to speak a lil more. For my girls you know who you are i had fun the other night till some asshole fought in the dance floor always some dumb ass as to mess it up for the ones dancing, it was freaking pack i felt like a darn sardine man! Do you agree ladies. Well its was a chill nite i guess. I saw a lot of old faces from High School that was cool......Hi Guys again just in case you read this shhhhh...............Well I'm done becasue ill end up writing a freaking book!!!

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