Friday, January 4, 2008


When we speak my heart
Aches I try to tell myself
Everyday this pain will go away
I look at myself in the mirror
Thinking what we have will
Ever be the same

But I was wrong thinking the man that I love was there for
Me and coming to find out. He was never there
All I got was bad vibes from him
I would cry and cry
About this asshole that didn’t give three fucks about me
I ask my god above to help me with this man
That I have been with and I have shown him
Everything I got but I guess he will never see
It through his eyes what I have for him
Cause he is selfish and he will never do no wrong

But I have seen it all through my eyes
And I always forgive him
Should I take this or leave this
God please forgive me for what I have done
I try to deal with this pain and I can’t take it any more
Jesus if your the only person that can help me
Then please show me the light as the answer that I’ve been looking for
Cause Im tired of looking for the answer
If he is the man for me please show me the path

He has caused me a great deal of pain
And Im here praying to you day to day
Life is to short to be dealing with this I want a man that is worth my day
I’m going to say that I have been speaking to god and he is talking to me
If you understand what Im saying I have been dead for 5 years now
Cause he killed me cause he thought I was getting in his business
So women please don’t be naive when we have something bad near us even if it
hurts us we have to learn to let go

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