Saturday, December 8, 2007


I know sometimes I could be stubborn but I know I'm a good person inside and out!
At times we don't realize what we have done but it's just hard to maintain my character
I could wild out and not even know what I'm doing to that person!!
Breaking my barrier is hard as hell just becasue i have had my heart and emotions broken as well
That Character that comes out is not me is someone that is just protecting her self from any harm
I hope you would understand that shit because if you would we could have a great relationship
Communication is the key to this world and if we can't have that then i don't know what to tell you
Coming from my soul i wish i could change a lot of ways very fast but everything takes time
To get to that level of comfort i just know i try to be that better person always but i come out as caddy sometimes but oh well I'm here to love myself first and then love other and thats how you become a great person in the world! If we could change this life of being it would be the best world to live in. Don't you think? This is a cruel world.....

Monday, December 3, 2007


My life has improved so much being with you
I never would thought this would happen to a person like me I would
never give my heart out there like a sleeve I thank god I found someone
like you Even though I have a queen size bed I need some of you this
nite I'm glad I found that person that fills my every needs which is
hard to find now a days I can't stop thinking of you being in my bed And
making me crawl all over the place I won't be right if your now in my
bed and that's the only thing that makes me glow every morning and
seeing that nice sunshine beaming on my window Something like this I
can't let go



I want to introduce to you a person thats cool as hell and I'm glad i met him and his name is "PARIS" We go way back like hell....We both have a nasty passions for writing and music is funny... It's hard to find goof friends like that. He knows this very well I always make sure he knows. That i do care for him. I always give him shout outs anywhere i go... He is a very talented person He could draw too... Which i don't I get jealous because i can't draw for shit man...I'm a goof ball...Dude where i go and i live i want you to know your my best friend in the whole world iight


I just want to express myself like i never have done before
I'm here to help and bring happiness to this relationship
To what we both want and i know its so hard to deal with a person like me
Taking our time will tell and we both know what will happen at the end
I don't want this to end anytime soon
I know i have so much to offer
This is isn't the first time i have felt like this?
Just thought i start by telling you what goes inside my lil heart
Every time i see you i get this warm feeling inside that i can't control for some reason
When you kiss me... It tastes like warm chocolate in my mouth
Ha.. you didn't know that hum...
When we hug i feel like your my knight


Hello I'm glad you have stop by my page and i hope you all enjoy reading my writing....As much as I enjoy writing...


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