Friday, January 4, 2008


Written by T Kirton and Fifi
Verse 1
I’ve cried for you too long
‘Cause you’re always treated me so wrong
But It shall not go on
‘Cause I’m gonna stand up for what's rights
You know it wasn’t right Adlib(so did I)
This ain’t no time to play around
You should’ve tried to hear me out
Gotta move on, Gotta be strong
Gotta find me someone
Who ain’t gonna treat me wrong
Don’t need your charm
All you did was brought me harm
Gotta move on, gotta be strong
Verse 2
All I brought to your life was happiness
What did you give me in return? Ad lib (Madness)
The way you treated me was unfair
I know that I’ll find someone who will care
Someone I can talk too and it would be true
It's gonna took me a while but he ain't gonna make me cry
Or tell me a bunch of lies
that was you all the way
So I gotta move on I can't stay
(Chorus 2x)

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