Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It still burns that you are gone

Damn lil Sis your gone but never left my heart because what we have no one could break that mountain nor a friend could take that away from me I still cry because your gone and you have the most cutest nephew and I wish you could met him and I know you are protecting him all the way. I can’t bare this pain from the moment that I saw them putting your casket in the ground my heart left with you because I know you are never coming back but your spirit does live on with us I hope you leaving this earth it wasn’t painful like it was painful for me to know that I cant hear your laugh anymore, Nor dad telling me that time when we were young that I was eating pudding and it was under the bed but it was you all the time. We are sisters for sure because we love eating, Now that we were older I was so looking forward to spending those good times with you because you were a pain in my ass but I loved you that way and I would’ve not changed it Damn girl this sorrow I feel inside is so deep and I know nothing could bring you back but I wish I could because you are the first person I would bring back baby girl. I remember you asking me about boys when you were young and I used to tell you are to damn young for that shit but I guess us girls go through that stages at one point in our life I want you to know when I used to go to the Bronx I used to drive 4 hrs to see you and your mom wouldn’t let me in and me and crystal used to leave crying because we couldn’t spent time with you. I want you to know I always looked for you all the time because we had a good time that shit I will never forget because that broke my heart so bad and now you are gone and I cant express to you how much I LOVED YOU!!!!! Its to late to do that from what I heard from your mom you always looked up to your sister and I’m honor to know you felt like that towards me I don’t care if anyone tells me its been yrs It hurts like hell to know you slipped away from me and we were so close I’m so sorry Erica I know you forgive me because I know you loved me even though we had different mothers you are not a half sister to me you’re my sister no matter what anyone says…..R.I.P. Erica L. you forever…..


Can I come over to chill and it seems like we have a lot of things in common and I cant wait to see your face again maybe there is no telling where this love could end up We could enjoy each other company and lets take our time to know each other I want to look into eyes and when I hear your voice I get this funny feelings inside and for some reason I don’t want it to go away baby maybe we could see where this love could end up because you are something I been looking for I cant wait to met up with you So you never know where this love could end up I want to share my secrets with you and no body else I been waiting for something like this for a long time.


I know I been hurting so much inside I just cant be heard out there. I know I been loved but do you truly love me. I don’t like be lonely at all I need someone comfort that is going to be make me feel safe at night and if I shed a tear that person will be there to wipe it off and be the best man I been looking for. I have lost my patience and tired of repeating myself. I just guess you don’t understand where I’m coming from do you even understand a real women? I cry at night because I want that love and the comfort from someone that appreciates me. For everything I have done.

Sex Machine

There is so much shit I would love to do to you and I would love for you to look into my eyes and tonight I want to make love til the sun comes up because I want to grind to the songs we play as our bodies sweat on the sheets Those other females don’t know how to please you because I take my time and I want to be on that sex machine all damn night long I want you to loose your mind I want you to taste me when I’m gone I want to wild out because I don’t give a fuck because your shit is the shit no matter what and when all this love making is done I want you to beg for me I just want to do this so slow and I want you to became that sex machine I been waiting for years because I know you got it in you because I’m about unleash the beast in me

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Baby you make me want you and you complete me I’m so real and I cant control these feelings and I care of you and I want you to come over here and rub down my body and I cant control how I feel towards you so I want you so bad and make me feel so good and that’s how I like it baby I want you so bad it’s driving me crazy and I can’t control these feelings and I really care for you and I want to make love all night till the sun comes up and I want to feel every inch of your body do you agree with me baby and that’s how I like it baby make me feel so special in a way no one has ever make me drool and dream about this love I’m yearning for you so bad there isn’t another man like you that stole my attention like you do baby you wont find another women like me I want you to know I do adore you and I want you to put it on me and rub on me and lets make these sheets warm with all this love I’m tasting…

I love you

I love you and I’m being honest I want you to know that I do write all over love story’s on paper and I was in the studio expressing my Love you for you and I want you to know I really do Love you I would do anything to have this Love by my side and I want you to know I Love you and I want us to conquer all these obstacles that could come with this love I know we have been through some shit But all I know is that I love you and I hope you love me too baby would you please take this heart of mine and please I hope you don’t break it because I know I love you to another level no one knows thanks for being there for me and being that special person in my life and I could make you want this all the time because when we are together we break down walls There is so much I want to do Love but first you need to come in this room and I want to make you so hot and I want you to pull down my cloths and I love you go slow love those other girls don’t got anything on me and they are jealous and I’m here to give you yours and I’m gonna get mines I want us to take our time so this love could erupted and ride you like a roll coaster


I’m hurting deep inside and I need a comfort at night and I want you to hold me tight please baby show me because I feel lost if I don’t have you and I’m scared of being lonely I don’t know why I feel like this I cry at night when no one is looking and I want you to know if I don’t hear your heart beat at night I don’t know what I would do because I need you to hold me because without your embrace my life is nothing I’m letting you know how I feel at night and I want you to know my fear of being lonely If I’m away from you and not feeling your arms around me I don’t know what I would do but I think I’m running out of time I need to know you love me the way I love you baby please show me you love me again and again I want the whole world to know that you are my price and joy I hope this isn’t a dream and I’m glad we hold each other at night.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I know we have been through so much and known each other for a while and I don’t understand why we didn’t try out our love to see if it would of took it to another level but I’m willing to try even though I have to hide my true inner feeling I know that with my love I could break down barriers that no one knows how much power I have in this body and soul of mines not to many understand the person I’m but that’s OK because they will never be inside this bubble of mines called “My Life” I have so much to offer to you baby. I know I have someone in my life and I have a feeling it might not last for years for the reason I have that six sense! LOL Now I have a child and that’s the biggest gift god could’ve giving me. I have a lust for life and I would love to share it with someone I could call that perfect “Man”. I just want you to know that you have been a great friends and a secret lover as well because we have tried and it never happens. Why because it’s not the perfect time right so don’t be upset god knows why it’s not the time. I’m writing this like I’m pouring my heart in a paper lately I been waiting to disappear because my own partner doesn’t even understands me!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amo drinks apple juice

for the time he drank half of the bottle and then puke it out so now i dont know if he likes love mommy 7.11.09


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