Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I know we have been through so much and known each other for a while and I don’t understand why we didn’t try out our love to see if it would of took it to another level but I’m willing to try even though I have to hide my true inner feeling I know that with my love I could break down barriers that no one knows how much power I have in this body and soul of mines not to many understand the person I’m but that’s OK because they will never be inside this bubble of mines called “My Life” I have so much to offer to you baby. I know I have someone in my life and I have a feeling it might not last for years for the reason I have that six sense! LOL Now I have a child and that’s the biggest gift god could’ve giving me. I have a lust for life and I would love to share it with someone I could call that perfect “Man”. I just want you to know that you have been a great friends and a secret lover as well because we have tried and it never happens. Why because it’s not the perfect time right so don’t be upset god knows why it’s not the time. I’m writing this like I’m pouring my heart in a paper lately I been waiting to disappear because my own partner doesn’t even understands me!

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