Sunday, June 22, 2008


Meg Sometimes I feel so alone just because it kills me inside to know I found you and I can't be near you and that's the worst feeling ever and I know you feel the same way and I will never call you a half sister we are blood and no one could take that away from us/I know we have two side to the story/but I know what I did when I was growing up it was the same/I blocked everything out and not thought about it as much as I could/ try to keep my mind active/I'm glad I'm older now and i understand so much about life and still learning you never stop/I'm so glad we have so much in common/ that's great because Erica was a writer/ I don't know if you knew she had a lot of notebooks filled/ I have the same/ its crazy but i love writing my thoughts or just whatever topic comes up i could hear something in TV and make a poem out of it/ so Meg i can't stop missing YOU wish we were hanging out and SHOPPING!!!!!

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FoX_93 said...

damn it fifi!! you makin me cry!! ha ha!!!

i love you and i wish i could be near you too. But when / if me and andrew are together he told me that i can be as close to you as possible. :] i hope that comes true.


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