Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heard a Song and got inspire

Before I go into writing what I'm about to say I cant forget how you always said no one would want me There is many times you made me cry and now I can't shed a tear anymore because I believed in you and I wouldn't think the person I love would ever say something crazy like that to me because I know I'm a good women but I want to say thank you because the pain you made me go through only made me stronger and I want to thank you for this It was a living hell but I'm glad I went through all this pain because I'm a superwomen now thanks to you and I want girls out there to know its hard to be with someone that puts you down but you could overcome anything you want to do in this life I know its hard to end something you think is perfect but we have to go inside our core and rip it out ourselves and be brave I wouldn't think no one would want me or ask myself is it me or what the hell is wrong with me but I know now its wasn't me its was that person feeling like crap about themselves and was trying to make me feel like a pea... I wonder why this person said this... I could only wonder and question myself over and over. But the past is the past.

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