Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's been a While..updating you guys

Well I haven't write in a while a lot of things has been happening.. First of all I lost my job on Aug 31 Well that's makes my living situation a bit harder. I put that behind me now. I'm trying to move forward looking for something to learn new. I want to be helpful with people. I was thinking do something in the medical field I live in FL and here everything has to do with some medical field. I been thinking to myself on how things should be now. I have done everything I can to be the best girlfriend and new mommy which that is the most hardest thing so far. I'm a strong person I hope it all works out for the best. I'm very ambition and I want to be something important in this this time I'm here in earth. I just want to first thank y'all for stopping by I do write of things and try to express myself the best I can. Also taking my peeps issues and turning them into writing because that's what makes us stronger as a human-being. I know I'm home and resting now and quite honestly I'm happy needed that. Time for me. I have AMO in daycare still. Jahrell is in 1st grade and he is doing well. At times he slips up but he is a 7 yr old kid learning new things. No harm in that at all. I had to get some help from so blessed people and I want to thank them and the lord above...

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