Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Yr has passed

I know it's been a 1yr your gone. I still can't believe my little sister is gone. The more I think about it I can't breathe and wish you were near. I think about those nights you never let me sleep because you always had something to ask me.. lol... You used to get up in the middle of the night to get snacks. I used to get in trouble for you..Missy.. I just feel like you have disappeared but I know your near. I want to let you know you have a nephew and i know you wont be able to met him but i know you will guard him from above.I will let him know how much fun his auntie was. Guess what he is an Aries sign just like you. He loves to kick me all night talk to him about you at times and he moves and its like he knows who you are. Today you are not here but your spirit is always here with us. You have sent Aiden from heaven and it took me 8 yrs to have a baby and im so blessed to call him mine..I just can't explain that feeling.I'm sorry i couldn't go to your grave today im so faraway but when i do get a chance I'll go with Aiden to show you love.God knows why it was your time to go my love. I just wish I had the time to say good-bye. I want to thank you for all the blessing that has come in this new yr. Im thankful for that. Your my gauding angel. Love you Erica. sisters 4-eva
Big Sis FiFi

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