Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's been while...

Hey y'all it's been a while I have not written anything I just been very busy doing my things and trying to get my self together again Since we moved out here again to Fl its been great and me and Marco gotten things the correct way... I been a lil depressed because of my sister being gone from the cruel world of ours. I know its hard to cope with things thing, but I guess god above knows why she is gone, She took it to her grave.. She has shown me so much in life. Our souls is all that keeps us running and breathing you know!!! I do really miss my family out there in MA but this is my turning point to learn more things in life and grow as a person!!! Damn this world is so unfair and we have to keeeepp learning from our mistakes. I must say I'm glad where I'm at in this point in my life. I'm praying i get to do my massage things again its hard to get back to studying but I know I'm a very smart young lady and I could conquer anything I want if I put my mind to.

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